Holiday beauty looks (sans red lips)

You probably have seen hundreds of posts featuring  red lips for the holidays, so this will not be one of them... and how can I top Byrdie's amazing post here?

Don't get me wrong, I love a good red lip, but if I can choose to do a smokey eye or a bold lip, I think I would do eyes - maybe because I am quite good at it, and also maybe because I envy girls with healthy lips. If you read my post here, you would know that my lips peel all year long, so eyes are my better feature.

Here are my picks for holiday beauty looks:

Shimmery smokey eyes

Possibly my favorite look, especially when the colour is other than black - grey or plum which flatters brown eyes. If you are good with powder shadows, NARS do fantastic shimmer eyeshadows . But cream shadows like By Terry Ombre Blackstar and Chanel Illusion D'ombre are amazing.


Feline flick (glitter as cherry on top!)


Feline flick is another favorite of mine, I do this everyday though so I guess to elevate the look, some glitter would be fun. I have probably done glitter only once in my life, it does not suit me and also given that I am not a teenager or in my early 20s anymore. A fantastic black liquid eyeliner, possibly the best in the world, again mentioned here is Rose De Versailles, but I don't know which glitter liner to recommend. Lisa Eldridge rates the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliner.


Bronze eyes, glowy skin


Another look that I like, but I find that you need to find the right bronze shade, I struggle for years to find something not too cool or not too red and I think I found it, Tom Ford Spice - the prettiest and the most blendable eye shadow cream.


Luxe lashes


I admire fake lashes, I think they are the stiletto of eye makeup (just look at Liu Wen above!). I myself still struggling and completely rubbish with applying them. I am better with individual lashes. I usually buy Ardell lashes from Priceline.


Simple classic matte smokey eyes


This is a good everyday look, works for everything from desk to dusk to weekends. I would definitely recommend a good eye primer like NARS Smudegproof primer for oily lids, and good matte shadows. I like Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadows but I am sure there are many brand that do amazing ones.


Grungey eyes


I love this look, it is easy and cool. But I think this only works better on days that are not too hot otherwise it could look like your eye makeup is melting. I like this look  to dress up a t-shirt and jeans, or even to dress down your night time LBD (it makes the dress more casual). This is super easy to achieve, my tip is to use a good long-lasting eyeliner that also allows some smudging. I love the Hourglass 1.5 Mechanical pencil, I would quickly smudge this with a fine tip brush and it will set. Add some black eyeshadow for more drama if you like.


Stained lips


Nothing is more beautiful and effortless than stained lips. This look is easy and works well for the festive season and balmy days here in Australia. Easy to touch up, what more can you ask for? I am in the middle of searching for a good coral lipstick, and I heard so much of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy lipstain that leaves a beautiful stain after a few hours and do not need re-application.

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