Classic button-up shirts

My first style post! 

When someone asked me what is my style - my style philosophy is simple, I like simple transitional clothes I can wear forever and suit my body shape. I do believe in investing in pieces that you will wear forever. 

When it comes to colours, I mostly wear black, navy, grey, blue and white. I do have some colourful clothes but sometimes I feel like they are too loud for me so I don't really wear them - only for certain occasions when I am in the mood for it.

One of my style essential is the classic button-up shirt. I repeat buy them. My favourites are from these brands:

1. Uniqlo offers affordable array of styles in linen, oxford and good quality silk. A plus is that they are mostly made to be machine washable.

2. Muji offers classic and understated styles, less options than Uniqlo but with amazing quality

3. COS for more a of non-so-classic button ups with interesting details and hemlines.

4. APC does classic and good quality oxford shirts.

5. Equipment for the softest and the most luxurious silks but the prices has gone up and they need to be dry cleaned to maintain the softness (go for Uniqlo for a wallet-friendly option)

Also on my wishlist are shirts from Everlane and J.Crew that I have yet to own.


There is no such thing as too many of them, I have them in white, ivory and a few of light blue. As you can see from the moodboard above, they are so versatile, can be worn for everyday or on weekend, any season. For night time, I think the trick to make your look less office-y is to wear some jewellery, a good blazer or a leather jacket and some fancy shoes (flats or heels).

Buy a few good ones and you will wear them forever.

Photo: JCrew, WhoWhatWear, Bloodorange, Vanessa Jackman and Pinterest