Beachy waves

I recently got into beachy waves upon obsessing over two YouTube videos by two celebrity hairstylist:Jen Atkins (Kardashian clan's mane girl) and Ahn Co Tran (responsible for Jessica Alba's effortless rich girl curls).

To customize to my needs, I combine both of their tips - I especially love Anh's method to alternate the direction of the waves and Jen's final steps by butterfly-spray your entire hair with dry texturising spray as the last step.

I am always time poor, so here are my super easy steps:

1. Spray your hair generously with Oribe Aprรฉs Beach Spray*.

2. If you have time, air dry otherwise blast your hair with hairdryer. It is very important to ensure they are completely dry.

4. If I am time poor, I curl at least three sections on both sides of my hair only. If I have more time, I start from the back of my hair. My weapon of choice is my Cloud Nine Hair Straightener and Styling Iron.

5. Let the curls cool down and set with a hairspray (any brand) and then I just separate them with fingers and spray generously with the award-winning Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

6. If I have that extra minute, I spray hairspray on the tips of my fingers and run them through the top of my hair to tame flyaways.

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