The wishlist

I shop all year round, but there is something about making a Christmas wishlist for myself that really excites me. This is mainly because it is the time to wish for something that I would never buy for myself.

I have selected pieces across a few categories: fashion, beauty and home. These are the pieces that I hope to find under my Christmas tree.


I am very loyal to Diptyque candles. I own a few many but I can not get enough. Baies is my favourite scent.

I remember when I was in collage, I owned a pair of Adidas Superstar and I never felt any cooler. Now I am missing them terribly and they go with everything.

I have never own any Self-Portrait pieces because they sell out so damn fast, and this to-die-for navy dress is definitely on my wishlist.

I am getting into earrings but not game enough to get a pair of big statement earrings. The Sarina Suriano Luna drop earrings are perfect, a medium sized and not too big nor too small.

A luxe hair mask is my guilty pleasure, I would love to try the David Mallett's hair mask to achieve the healthy french girl hair.

Fornasetti plates has been on my wishlist forever, I just couldn't justify spending on this as renovating our kitchen is a higher priority so I really hope someone will buy one for me.

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