NYE beauty inspiration: Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny is my ultimate girl crush. She is the coolest girl in the 90s and I remember swooning over her images in magazines and movies.

Chloë has this certain je ne sais quoi about her but with a little punk rock and also a little Hollywood glam. She is hard to describe and she is inimitable. I remember buying magazines that she is in such as Vogue and Purple Magazine, watching her in movies such as Boys Don't Cry, Party Monster and The Brown Bunny.

I came across this photo from Tumblr and I can't think of the most perfect NYE beauty look. Her signature matte skin and a power pout (always a orangery red). A little bit of eyeliner, wispy lashes in the outer corner, slicked back hair and tassel earrings complete the look.


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