Rena's review: Glossier makeup

I won't repeat how much of  a Glossier fan I am as per the post here. When Glossier launched their Phase 2 makeup set, naturally yours truly placed an order.


The Boy Brow is my favourite, it is a pomade to add coloured fibre to your brow hair. I wouldn't recommend to use this to replace your eyebrow pencil/powder. If you have sparse eyebrows, you will still need to fill your brows in with your weapon of choice and then add Boy Brow to thicken and to set them in place. For those with naturally full eyebrows, you can skip any eyebrow colour and go for this alone. 

The Stretch Concealer is lovely. It is on the dewy and sheer side so you need to layer up to conceal as desired. It also does creased rather quickly if you skipped powder. I only use this when I get enough sleep or when I am looking alive, because on most days I prefer higher coverage concealers with matte finish.

Lastly, the Generation G lipstick is surprisingly impressive. I am picky with lip products. Other than having severely peeling lips as I wrote about here, my naturally pigmented lips require products with good amount of pigment for the colour to show. The shade Cake surprisingly leaves a beautiful warm nude tone on my lips. The pigment is impressive, texture is matte but balmy (not to be mistaken with waxy) and very comfortable. The packaging is simple and there is a sponge on the inside of the cap to avoid mushed lipstick which is genius. I am looking forward to try other colours.

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