The turtleneck knit

I love winter for the following reasons: consuming beef pho 3 times a week, layering to hide the pho belly, binging on Netflix with the heater on. But what I have been nervous about this winter is the achieving my wardrobe goal by adding a perfect turtleneck knit.

A turtleneck knit is classic and instantly elevate any look. Having said that, I have a small frame and my face is round so any chunky style is out of the question. The material also have to be soft because my skin does not tolerate scratchy fibres. So, my hunt for the perfect one begun years ago and has been unsuccessful. 

One fateful weekend, when I was in Bondi, I stumbled upon Jac + Jack , a chic Australian cashmere label. For those who have been there, you will be familiar with the simplicity of the store - neutral interior, chic, with rows of perfectly colour co-ordinated knits and sometimes if you are lucky, a Cire Trudon will be burning by the counter. I kept my expectation low as most of the prices are above my budget.

To my surprise, I stumbled upon the perfect piece of turtleneck knit called the Haymear sweater -  Grey (my favourite colour), super soft, oversized and slouchy. The medium size fortunately is not too big fits and it is on sale. Mission accomplished.

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Photo by Nina Faelnar

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