The sky is always blue

"Why do I love New York? It's because the sky is always blue" - Grace Coddington muses in Some Style is Legendary a short film featuring the making of her first campaign for Tiffany and Co.

I was just browsing through my iPhone photos and came across this image that I captured in my recent trip to New York (a new travel guide coming soon!). This image makes me think of Grace and I agree with her.


Ever since I saw the video, I have been obsessed with the images she created for this campaign featuring some of the most beautiful modern women; Christie Turlington, Elle Fanning, Lupita Nyong'o and a stunning redhead, Natalie Westling. Grace's art direction gives a fresh of breath air but yet retaining Tiffany's identity; classic, iconic and legendary. This campaign is probably one of my favourite campaigns in recent years.

Some of my favourite images from the campaign below:

All images by Davis Sims for Tiffany and Co

All images by Davis Sims for Tiffany and Co