Korean sheet masks!

I wrote about not knowing much about Korean beauty brands here. But I have been determined to find out more online, via the good old Youtube and of course Reddit. I came across a beauty blogger/goddess specializing in Korean skincare, Gothamista. I bookmarked every single favourite products of hers. I have learned so much about the Korean beauty industry, their preferred ingredients and their techniques.

I have finished up my Dr Jart masks and because they are always sold out in Sephora stores, I am in desperate need of sheet masks. I came across this online store based in Melbourne, Nudie Glow and I am so happy that they stock a number of Gothamista's favourite.

Other than being Australia's first sheet mask subscription site, Nudie Glow also provide free samples in exchange of reviews, so I contacted them. I am so thankful for the samples, some of them will be my staple and I am more than happy to repurchase. 


Adaline Keep Cool Ocean Mask (not pictured) is a delight. I think the packaging is a little tacky however the mask is delightfully cooling and hydrating. The main ingredient is astaxanthin, a naturally-occurring carotenoid found in sealife like algae. The mask is comfortable, dripping in essence. After 20mins, I feel like I could leave it on longer because there is so much essence left. 

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Mask is one of my new favourite. I like the simple packaging. The mask is super soft, comfortable and lightweight because it is made of cupro fiber. Like Adaline, the mask is cooling and hydrating. The main ingredient is oak tree sap essence which helps to hydrate and balance skin moisture. 

Blossom Jeju Red Camelia Mask is ultra nourishing and perfect for dry skin. The mask is made of cupro, super soft and comfortable. I personally feel like I don't need this but this is perfect for those with drier skin type and age prevention.

Kicho Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask is a decent mask. I read that Kicho is easily one of the best Korean skincare brand, however my main issue with the mask is the size of the eye holes. They seem too small and because of that the essence went into my eyes resulting some discomfort. The moisturising effect is not as good as the others above. I think this can work if you have less time and maybe smaller facial features?

*Many thanks to Nudie Glow for all of the samples.