Manolo Blahnik BB pumps

My style goal has always been to create the ultimate classic wardrobe.


When it comes to heels, I believe in the classics. My first proper grown up pair of pumps are the Christian Louboutin Pigalle. I remember saving long and hard for them but unfortunately the toe box was crushing my feet especially the right foot. I told myself "Beauty is pain" or "This is the price to pay for a pair of Louboutins" but over the years, the comfort level did not get better after many attempts of stretching them both professionally and DIY. So, I decided enough is enough, the excruciating pain is not worth enough so I sold them off to a loving new owner.

My mission to find a new pair seems like a dread because the next pair MUST be perfect.

I have been fantasizing about owning Manolos (thanks to Carrie Bradshaw) but always thought they are not as hot as Louboutins. However, after buying the Carolynes,  I had my eyes on the BB pumps as my next purchase.

The downside is, the BBs are hard to find and some sites sell them for almost one third of my monthly mortgage payment. When two pairs of patent Bb (black and nude) turned up on my feed on The Real Real (godsend) for almost 80% off retail price, I bought them.

The patent leather are perfect, the heels are 115cm and comfortable. Who says dreams don't come true?

Shop some of my favourite classic pumps below:

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