Beauty and health supplements

Other than perfecting your skincare routine and a good diet, I also believe in taking the right supplements that works for you. There are so many in the market, so I recommend just trying anything that seems interesting to you and of course, do research on the ingredients that can help you with your concerns. Here are my picks, with mini reviews and if I will repurchase.


Care Of is a time saver for me, because I can pick and choose what goes in my box, how many dosage and above all, they come in sachets that I can take in one go because I am so forgetful. The sachets are also easy to travel with. I am probably on my fifth box, I pick the essentials like probiotic, evening primrose oil omega-3, vitamin D and calcium. I will definitely continue my subscription (plus, the cute copy on the sachets always make me smile).

Moon Juice is a popular L.A based brand known for their adaptogen, herb and ayurvedic blends. Obviously my first choice is the Beauty Dust. I have been drinking these on and off however have not really noticed or felt any difference. Perhaps I need to drink this consistently but I don’t think I will repurchase.

Halo Beauty is created by one of the biggest beauty guru on Youtube, Tati. I have never in my life thought I will be buying supplements from a Youtuber but I love Tati for her honest product reviews and how she tries almost every beauty product in the market, from indie to drugstore to high end like a pro. I was curious about her Halo range and I believe the Kiwi Seed Booster has made quite a difference in my skin (after taking it for two weeks, together with the other supplements and a consistent skincare routine of course). My skin seem balanced, glowy even without makeup and less congested. I will definitely repurchase.

Enerfiber by Malaysian based company, MyOcean, is a very effective probiotic fiber drink gifted by my sister. At first I was hesitant because I take phyllium husk every other day and do not feel like I need another fibre drink. However, Enerfiber works way better than phyllium. The taste is way yummier (apple and kiwi) makes it easier to drink. I also do not experience any cramps or other side effects. I would definitely take this every few weeks when I feel like I need a good “cleanse” and will repurchase.

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