How to Konmari Your Makeup Collection

I am a big fan of Marie Kondo’s Konmari method. Being someone who “collects” things over the years and went through a few house moves I have come to terms with de-cluterring and letting go of things.

As for clothes and shoes, de-cluttering has been easier over the years. I’m happy with my skincare edit however I sometimes find myself hanging on to smaller things like makeup.

I am not a “beauty guru” or a Youtuber, therefore I do not purchase every single beauty item in the market. However I still own quite a large number because I have been gifted with some beauty items thanks to generous PR samples and friends in the industry back when I was living in Sydney.

When I moved to the US, my makeup collection kept growing because of the constant flow of new products thanks to premium retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

My 2019 New Year resolution is to de-clutter and only keeping things that “spark joy”.

To align myself with that, I am determined to only keep makeup items that work for me and fits my lifestyle (living in a tiny apartment, can’t afford the time to decide on a huge range of colors in the morning, and only take the best items when I travel).

Here are the questions I have asked myself:

  • When was the last time I wore this color/product? If the answer is more than a few months or I couldn’t remember, time to pass it on.

  • Do I have duplicate shades or types or makeup? If the answer yes, pick one.

  • Finally, does this makeup item spark joy? If the answer is no, time to pass this on or discard .

Next steps:

  • For band new products or high end barely used products, I will make an effort to sell them on either Poshmark or Reddit, if I have no luck I will pass them on.

  • Almost new but used products will be passed to friends or family who appreciate them. To not create further waste, I have ensured that I do not give these to people who do not wear makeup.


Once the products have been given away or discarded, have a well edited list products and variations. I also went ahead and buy replacements that will spark joy. Some notable ones are:

Laneige Glowy Lip Balm (replaced all my lip glosses), Laura Mercier Ginger eyeshadow and Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage are replacement for my long time palette KVD Shade and Light (the palette is a little big, too heavy and most of the shades are too dark), Pat McGrath lipstick in Christy is a replacement for the ultimate pinky nude lipstick. This lipstick is everything, the shade, pigmentation and comfort (I am either donating or discarding all my subpar pinky nude lipsticks).