What to wear?

Lovely Anna, an ever so stylish social editor asked me about what to wear or to buy to attend Fashion week. I am taken by surprise obviously, because isn't it suppose to be the other way around? She is so stylish with a massive following on Instagram, and I am just an everyday girl who happens to love clothes.

My answer to her is to ask herself if there is a key item that is missing from her wardrobe. If so, get that and wear it with the items that she already has in her wardrobe.

This made me think that IF I am ever attending or invited to fashion week, what will I wear? That question never crossed my mind, but it is a fun question. Ideally, I want to raid wardrobes of style chameleons like Anya Ziourova and the inimitable Olivia Palermo.

But I think in real life and looking at my wardrobe, my style is more like Emmanuelle Alt or sometimes a bit more rock and roll like Barbara Martelo. I shy away from trends, I prefer wearable and transitional classics, but with lots of black and sometimes a little grungy and rock and roll.

Before I forget, I need to answer my own question too... the key item that is missing from my wardrobe is of course a Chanel 2.55 reissue bag! The bag will complete my wardrobe (and my life!) and I would be happily rock up to any occasion  (or even fashion week) with just a plain tee and jeans...