My Affordable Skincare Routine

I’m am funemployed at the moment so this has motivated me to create the perfect affordable skincare routine. My definition of "affordable" is USD50 and below.

Thanks to online shopping in the US (Amazon), I have so much more access to Korean brands. I am also still a big fan of The Ordinary, to the best thing that happened to the beauty industry.

After a lot of research (lurking on Asian Beauty Reddit), below is my nighttime routine listed by steps.


1. After cleansing with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (USD18), I swipe Missha Clear Toner (USD28), a gentle exfoliating toner with both AHA and BHA followed by the more affordable dupe of SKII Essence, the Missha First Treatment Essence (USD49)

2. PyunkangYul Essence Toner (USD18.90) is so soothing, I do wonder if I need this after the Missha FTE but I love how soothing this feels and it’s affordable anyway.

3. For a long time I wasn’t sure about putting snail mucin on my skin but I convince myself to try the COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (USD21). The power ingredient, snail mucin is known to heal blemishes and irritation and so far it’s working.  

4. Another magical ingredient, bee propolis is super hydrating, soothing and also anti-inflammatory. The SkinFood Royal Honey Propolis Essence (USD27.50) is one of my new favourite product. I rotate this with COSRX depending on what my skin needs.

5. The Ordinary Niacinamide (USD5.90) is a repurchase, I read a tip on Reddit to mix this with COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence mentioned above to reduce the pilling. It really works! I believe the combo also helps with healing acne and reduce scarring.

6. My second bottle of The Ordinary Rose Hip Oil (USD9.80) is a staple for my nightime routine, I use this as my last step to seal in moisture. Rose hip oils contains a high percentage of linoleic acid, which is one of the most important natural lipid components. Oily and acne prone skin is generally deficient in linoleic acid, which means sebum will become gloopier and clog pores, which can cause a lot of breakouts. Linoleic acid helps dissolve the sebum to improve skin health.

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