Seeing Red

I have never really owned a piece of red clothing. It could be because I am Chinese, and red has been associated with festivity or a traditional wedding in my culture. Or maybe I am just afraid of this powerful and loud colour!

The only red coloured item I incorporated in my wardrobe is a red lipstick. M.A.C Russian Red, NARS Jungle Red and Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red are some of my favourite reds. A red lip brightens my face with all monochrome outfit.

After seeing Eva Chen on the streets on NYC Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Week, I am inspired and am looking forward to adding some reds to my wardrobe. I would ease in by starting with a sweater like Eva's.

Hopefully I will gather the courage for a red dress or a coat one day?

Photos via and NY Times

Photos via and NY Times

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